Chesapeake Bay Art Association - CBAA

VA Flower & Garden Expo

CBAA will be hosting the Artists Alley at the Virginia Flower and Garden Expo January 25-27, 2019 with the theme Symphony of Gardens.

Monthly Meetings

Each month CBAA holds instructive meetings for the community at large. Space is limited! Reserve your spot at CBAA for hands on art instruction and projects.

Spring Art Show

CBAA is proud to present the Spring Art Show on March 28th - April 30th at the Stravitz Sculpture & Fine Art Gallery in Virginia Beach, VA!
Show Judge: Richard Stravitz, Show Chair: Christian Williams.
CBAA Opening reception will be Saturday March 30th. More info to come!

Spotlight Artist February 2019

Elle Thacker Painter

Elle Thacker

CBAA Painter

I work with fluid acrylic paint using different methods like pouring, swiping, stick application and combinations of all the above. I like to find creatures, flowers and trees in the painting process. Sometimes the poured paintings become backgrounds for mermaids, sea turtles, seahorses and others.

Elle Thacker Painter

Elle Thacker

The first image is while it was still wet.

Elle Thacker Painter

Elle Thacker

The 2nd image shows the cutout creatures that I added after it dried.

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Please email the application and three examples of your work to You will be notified of the committee’s decision within two weeks of receiving the application. Upon acceptance into CBAA, the membership chair will email you information on the next meeting and where to send/bring your membership dues. The January annual membership fee is $20.00; after March $30.00. Checks should be made out to CBAA.